Vobizen Wise 5 Booking 499 Mobile Registration vobizenmobiles.com Register

By | January 26, 2017

Vobizen Wise 5 Booking @ 499 Mobile Registration vobizenmobiles.com Register

The Vobizen Company announced to giveaway Vobizen Wise 5 Mobile World’s Cheapest price smartphone @ 499 Rs with Android Marsh-mellow 3g Smartphone. Here we will share every information of Vobizen Wise 5 Booking Online available at vobizenmobiles.com. It’s most awaited mobiles for everyone who want it in cheapest range buy now & official website. After the successfully launch of Docoss X1, Namotel 99 & ChampOne C1 4g Smartphone Now you can Register for Vobizen Wise 5 Registration site is www.vobizenmobiles.com.

Vobizen Wise 5 Booking @ 499 Mobile Registration vobizenmobiles.com Register

Information About Vobizen Wise 5 Booking

The news about this smartphone comes in the limelight because of its price Vobizen Wise 5 Booking. The smartphone is tagged www.vobizenmobiles.com with a discounted price of Rs. 499 only. Again, a new India based company claims that it is the best budget smartphone and is also offering two years of manufacturing warranty and comes with a charger, headphone, and battery.

Official Website: www.vobizenmobiles.com

The new cheapest smartphone features a 5-inches display having a resolution of 854*480 pixels. For the power supply, it is packed up with a 2000mAh battery Vobizen Wise 5 Booking; that is rated to deliver up to 7 hours of talk time and up to 270 hours of standby time vobizenmobiles.com. The connectivity option includes Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Micro-USB, Infrared, USB OTG, but it is only limited to 3G connectivity.

If you check Vobizen official website then it is almost 5+ months old now Vobizen Wise 5 Booking. It is hosted on reliable servers but we will have to wait and watch whether these servers will be able to handle peak traffic or not. It would be interesting to see whether they will crash like Freedom 251 web portal or not www.vobizenmobiles.com. For payment gateway, they have used CCAVENUE which is trusted gateway partner and thus make it different than what we have seen earlier.

As said above, Vobizen Wise 5 will be shipped within 22-28 days of the successful registration. You can check its shipping status directly from the official website vobizenmobiles.com. In case you have any doubts then please feel free to reach out to Vobizen 24/7 Customer Support executives at 8144 600 800 Vobizen Wise 5 Booking. The device is available at price Rs. 3499/-. Currently the Wise 5 is in discount and available at price Rs. 499/-/. It is a promotional offer price.

The registration is going on and once the registration will be over the device will be available at price Rs. 3499/-. The phone will cost extra Rs. 98/- for the delivery of the handset at your doorstep. So basically the set will be available www.vobizenmobiles.com at price Rs. 597/- in total at this moment Vobizen Wise 5 Booking. Hello friends, Another Cheap Smartphone company has come up with Cheapest 3G smartphone in India.

After Champone C1 Now Vobizen is offering Vobizen Wise 5 mobiles at Rs 499 only vobizenmobiles.com. You can buy this cheapest smartphone from vobizen mobiles official website vobizenmobiles.com. under Unikoid Electronic Private Limited. According to the officials of Unikoid Electronic Private Limited they are offering this cheapest Android Mobile as promotional offer Vobizen Wise 5 Booking to attract the smartphone lovers towards Vobizen.

The Actual price of Vobizen Wise 5 is Rs. 3499/- and you are getting the cheapest smartphone at just Rs. 499/- Only which is powered by Android 6 marshmallow processor Vobizen Wise 5 Booking. It also comes with 2 year manufacturer warranty www.vobizenmobiles.com. All dear viewer you may online registration available and enter your registration information and getting/ buy/ booking here this smartphone is best offer today.

This phone buy online just only for Rs 499 Vobizen mobile for rs 499 at online registration official website, vobizen is new company has today launched vobizenmobiles.com best smartphone offer its website address at www.vobizenmobiles.com. The its company has offering best deals for 3g smartphone named vobizen wise 5 mobile they are selling it at rs 499 Indian rupees sale Vobizen Wise 5 Booking.

I am very happy and interesting to tell you something about information for Vobizen” who is offering Vobizen Wise 5 smartphone only @ Rs 499 Vobizen Wise 5 Booking. The currently smartphone is Rs 3499 but they are offering it on sale at only Rs 499 online at its main portal website www.vobizenmobiles.com.

Click Here To Vobizen Wise 5 Booking Online (Live Sale)

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